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We have shown the history in date order.  Where there is uncertainty over a date we have included the item at the bottom of the page.


Where we have added explanatory text this is included in brackets [  ].


Unless otherwise credited, the information has been taken from our History Book.


If you have any additional knowledge or photos about our history in the 1970's or you can provide any further information about what is on this page, please get in touch.


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10th and 11th January 1970


YP [Young People] Annual

YP Annual condcuted by CO's [Commanding Officers], children did excellently.  The YPSM [Young People's Sergeant Major] Mrs Sneller is a worker.

Sunday afaternoon - special programme.

Sunday 31st January 1970


Singing Company and Guide Company

Commissioning of the new YP Singing Company with their leader, Mrs Hazel Taylor and inauguration of Guide Company, Sis Margaret Robinson, Girl Guides.

Captain Sell, DYS [Divisional Youth Secretary] led the meeting - the Divisional Commissioner for Guides was also present.  Very fine meeting.

February 1970



Self-Denial effort.  Quite a good response. 

In brief £281-17-6

Sunday 8th March 1970


Mother's Day

HLT [Home League Treasurer] Mrs P Sneller in charge in the morning.  HLS [Home League Secretary] Mrs West at night and the YPSM [Young People's Sergeant Major] Mrs ? Sneller had a good programme in the afternoon.

"What five characteristics makes the finest mum in the world".  Heading the list "My mum is the best in the world because she is a good cook."  Quite a good competition, most children entered for it. 

Sunday 15th March 1970


CSM leads meeting

CSM [Corps Sergeant Major] ?? ? Taylor led the meetings as the CO [Corps Officer] was away.  Good reports.

Tuesday 24th March 1970


Home League Tea

Home League Tea.  A very pleasent afternoon.

Saturday 4th to Monday 6th April 1970


Home League Weekend

Home League weekend led by DHLS [Divisional Home League Secretary] Mrs Lt Col Buist.

A busy weekend with much blessing.  Canterbury singers in for the Saturday night.  The rally on Monday chaired by the Mayoress (Mrs John Blake).  Special speaker Mrs Lt Col Buist.  All seemd happy.

Wednesday 13th May 1970


Change of Officer

Word came from DHQ [Divisional Headquarters] of the appointment of Major Emily Dickman to take charge of the Deal Corps as from Thursday 28th May.  The Major comes from Ryde, Isle of Wight and will be assisted by Brigadier Florence Denyer (R).  A warm welcome awaits them.

Sunday 28th May 1970


Major E Dickman and Brigadier F Denyer (R)

A very warm welcome as we take over the Deal Corps.

Welcome meeting on Sunday as young people and workers were at Folkestone on the Saturday, taking part in a programme.

Sunday 4th July 1970


Welcome Tea

A Welcome tea for Major E Munn, home on furlough, a good number gathered.

Sunday 20th July 1970


Meetings by 'locals'

CO's [Commanding Officers] on furlough.  Locals did the meetings, good report on return.

Sunday 29th July 1970


Special Meeting

Special Meeting arranged by Singing Company Leader.

50 years harmony for Bandmaster and Mrs Dockrill (R).  A lovely crowd gathered for the ocassion.

Sunday 5th September 1970


Brigadier Weightman

A programme arranged by Brigadier Weightman.  Very good indeed.

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 1970


Senior Harvest Thanksgiving

Sunday evening service and Alter Service was conducted by Major E Munn.  This was up on previous year.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 1970


Young People's Harvest Weekend

The weekend commenced with a programme with YP [Young People's] sections.  Capt O Sell, DYS [Divisional Youth Secretary] was a fine chairman.  Also led meetings on Sunday.

26th October 1970


Holiday Time

A number of our comrades went off to Bognor Regis for the Holiday with a Purpose and came back with great blessings.

Sunday 10th October 1970


Special Meeting

Special Meeting arranged by B/M [Bandmaster] and Mrs Charlton.  THe visit of Grimsby Over 60's club who rendered a fine programme supported by Deal Band.

Chairman for the evening was Dr J Luker who was a very worthy chairman.  134 attended.

Sunday 11th October 1970


Visit of Divisional Commander

Meetings were conducted by Lieut Col & Mrs Buist, Divisional Commander.  Very good meetings, enjoyed by all and very good attendance throughout the day.

18th November 1970


Sale of Work

Sale of Work held in the Quarterdeck.  A very good day, comrades worked very well indeed.


The following images are list of the stalls, helpers and how much money was raised - unknown why the lists are slightly different.

December 1970



Band and comrades work hard and did well.


The history book contains a list of roads where carolling took place and the amount of money collected.


Not listed - £13-17-3

Robert Street and turnings - £8-8-9

Orchard Avenue estate - £6-7-6

St Martins Road etc - £3-18-2 and £1-18-0

Downs Road - £16-10-1

Canada Road - £7-11-3

The Grove - £11-8-0

Castle Road - £4-7-8

Kingsdown (part) - £13-0-0

Drum Hill - £9-6-0

London Road - £7-15-4

High Street - £20-5-6

Manor Road - £22-1-6

Total - £136-15-0

6th to 10th July 1972


British Congress

The following 2 pictures show the 10th Deal Guide Company (Salvation Army) attending THe Salvation Army British Congress, possibly in 1972.  Deal Singing Company (children's choir) also attended.

Photographs provided by Miss Margaret Robinson


The History Book has the following entry...

The British Congress, Wembley.  Comrades from Deal attended the various events of the Congress.  On the Sunday two buses were hired to convey us, whilst in the afternoon we were prominently represented in the "march past" with our YP Band, Junior Soliders and Guides.

9th to 18th August 1974


Guides go on holiday

The following images are

  • a postcard of the location of The Salvation Army Youth Chalet in Stiegelschwand-Adelboden Grosslohner, Switzerland,
  • photograph of the Guides and their leaders preparing to leave (photo taken in front of The Salvation Army Hall), and
  • the same photograph in an article in the East Kent Mercury.

Photograph provided by Miss Margaret Robinson (pictured on the far left in the photograph).

3rd May 1975


Guides win Road Safety Trophy

The following images are

  • Photograph of the winners with the trophy
  • Article in the 'Junior Solider'
  • Article in 'Today's Guide'
  • Article in the East Kent Mercury

Photographs provided by Miss Margaret Robinson

9th to 19th April 1976


Visit to Germany

The Guides visited Plon in Germany.  The below postcard is from the visit.

Postcard provided by Miss Margaret Robinson

1st to 8th May 1976


Friendly Hour Holiday to Great Yarmouth

The following photo is taken outside the Ashwood Hotel in Great Yarmouth.  The history book records "Over 60's holiday to Great Yarmouth with Lieut and Mrs Leech.  A great sucess and hoped to be a yearly venture.

1977 (exact date unknown)


Guide's Annual Camp

The following photo and newspaper article (believed to be the East Kent Mercury) show the Guides from The Salvation Army and Trinity Church helping with the cooking at the camp.

The mention in the article of taking on 25 challenges on a Jubilee Theme, suggest this was from 1977.

Photograph provided by Miss Margaret Robinson.

14th to 21st May 1977


Friendly Hour Holiday to Great Yarmouth

The history book records "Over 60's outing to Gt Yarmouth with Lieut Leech, again a very wothwhile venture.

12th January 1978


Flooding in Deal

The history book records "Floods hit Deal, a report was sent to NHQ [National Headquarters].  Many Corps folk worked well.  Tributes were paid to the Army for the work done.


The report reads as follows:-

"The flooding of between 700 and 1,000 homes took place on Thursday 12th January 1978 in the early hours of the morning, in some instances up to the depth of 5ft.


As soon as I ascertained the extent of the disaster I contacted the police and social services to see what was to be our best plan of action.  The Social Services immediately asked for the use of the Salvation Army Hall, and the Army to cater for the residents of two old peoples residences.  Lunch and tea was served for about thirty people.


On Friday teams of workers were formed to do house to house cleaning and clearing up, over 200 houses were visited with the help of Corps folk, and other officers from the Canterbury Division.  Spa Road was notified regarding clothing, which was forthcoming on the Saturday.


On Saturday we received the clothing from Spa Road, a coup run was established to help workers in the disaster area as well as households.  It was found that a lot of footwear and clothing had been lost by many people, especially in bungelows, and ground floor flats.  I could see there was a great need in this area, and informed all churches in the town asking them to accounce that we would be receiving clothing and footwear.  A stencil was prepared and run off, inviting flood victims to come and receive free clothing and footwear.


On Sunday, the soup run was again in full operation, and door to door visitation to see where we could be of assistance.  The Corps Band, under my direction were out all Sunday morning giving the clothing leaflets to the residents.  From 3.00pm to 4.00pm the hall was open to receive clothing from the churches and the working mens club, when an announcement was made the previous evening by myself.


On Monday, the soup run was in operation, and again many clothes were received at the hall.  Whilst all this was going on I was out door to door on the district.  During the afternoon the hall was open for free distribution of clothes and footwear.


On Tuesday a hotel in Canterbury offered 50 pillows which were distributed to deserving cases, the halls was again open for distribution of clothing and foorwear.


From Wednesday 18th to Wednesday 24th, the hall was open for the sale of clothing and footwear, from which £200 was raised, and given to the Mayor of Deal Disaster Fund.  In the meantime if anyone from the disaster area needed clothes they could have them free.


From Thursday 19th to Tuesday 31st January an old church in the town was aquired for the storage and distribution of furniture for flood victims, and about 40 homes have been fitted out.  The Deal branch and Dover branch of Courts furniture store, gave us lots of their second hand furniture free, along with many people form the town who also gave genourously.


In the eighteen days following the disaster I have worked closely with the following organisations; provided a list of 100 names and addresses of genuine cases to the Round Table who gave £6 electic stamp vouchers to the same.  Provided lists of old people and one parent families to Roteract for house decoration.  Worked with the Rotary who provided all the soup and bread needed for the soup run, and who contacted the British Shoe Corporation on our behalf, to provide free shoes to those we couldn't 'fit out'.  We worked hand in hand with the Lions Club who were helpful with addresses and information regarding people who needed our help.  We have provided much food and many food vouchers to countless homes.


This has been the eighteen day campaign of action to date.  Much follow up visitation and counselling is in progress."

1978 (exact date unknown


Visit to Waldershare Campsite

The following photo is believed to be from 1978.  The rear of photo is endorsed with the following:-

"Lieut David Sterling visiting at Waldershare Campsite (Lord Gilford's Estate). ? 1978

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June 1979


Friendly Hour 21st Anniversary Celebrations

The Friendly Hour, also know as the 'Over 60's' was a meeting held every Wednesday afternoon.

1979 saw it's 21st Anniversary.  There follows a picture and details of an article in the East Kent Mercury, as well as a programe for one of the meetings and details from our own history book.

The above photo appeared in the East Kent Mercury with the following short article.

"The Salvation Army held the 21st Anniversary celebrations for their Senior Citizens Friendly Hour Club on Saturday at the Citadel.  Pictured cutting the special birthday tea is Deal Town Mayor Cllr. Eric Ferris.  Assisting him are Mrs Norah Mort who is the oldest member and secretary Jessie Crane.  At the back is Lt. David Sterling."


The entry in our history book reads - A very happy weekend commencing with a birthday tea and followed by a programme presented by the club members.  The choir also participated in the salvation meeting.  We had the great joy of seeing one of the members, Mr Fred Taylor, enrolled as a senior soldier in full Salvation Army uniform.


The two images below are the programme for the event.

29th December 1979


Queen's Guide Award - Nicola Tomaszewska

The following photos and newpaper articles records the award being presented at The Salvation Army Hall by the Mayor of Deal, Councillor Mrs Ruth Purnell.

Photographs provided by Miss Margaret Robinson.

1970's (unknown date)


Valerie - A Queen's Guide

The following photo and newspaper (Salvation Army publication) mark the Queen's Award to Valerie Sneller.

Photograph provided by Miss Margaret Robinson.

1970's (unknown date)


A Special Visitor

The following photo and the same photo with caption from the East Kent Mercury record the visit of Captain Rosemary Horn, National Guide Organiser of The Salvation Army visiting Deal.

Photograph provided by Miss Margaret Robinson.

1970's (unknown date)


A Reunion

The following photo and caption (believed to be from the East Kent Mercury) detail a reunion of Guides and Brownies.  The exact date is not known, but believed to be from the early 1970's.  If you are in the photo we would be pleased to hear from you.

Photograph provided by Miss Margaret Robinson.

1970's (unknown date)


Guides on a visit

The following photos show the Guides on a visit.  Do you where this was?  If so please get in touch.

Photogrpahs provided by Miss Margaret Robinson.

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